Vividblaze - A Japanese pop band I play in as a supporting member. The music is very influenced by Brazilian and Jazz sounds.

Greg McKenzie - One of my favourite pianists to play with in Tokyo.

Jonathan Katz - Another favourite pianist in Tokyo, see the Sounds page for some of his fantastic playing.

Atsuko Takaizumi - A sweet lady, energetic performer and all around great person I play with sometimes in Tokyo.

Seiichi Nakamura - A legend in the jazz scene in Japan, he's a great saxophonist and a great friend.

Hideaki Yoshioka - A great pianist here in Tokyo. I used to play with him a lot, but now his son, Etham, has debuted as a bassist, and they have a family band. It's nice to see the music passing on to a new generation.

Bruce Stark - A fine pianist I often play with, and an even better composer.

Yoichi Kobayashi - Japanese drummer, whose band is often called the "Japanese Jazz Messengers" He's one of the people I've worked with longest in Japan.

Yoshitaka Kanno - A young guitarist here in Tokyo who I enjoy playing with very much. We've played together for many years, going back to a tour in 2003.

Yoshihiro Arita- The best banjo player in Japan. Like Django on the banjo. He also plays mandolin, guitar, violin dobro and bunch of instruments all so well you'd think each one was his main axe.


Classical bassist hall of fame - Historically important classical bassists, courtesy Bill Bentgen

Mario Lamarre - my luthier in Canada

Yamamoto bass shop - my luthier in Japan

Sciascia Ensemble Japan - This group, led by my friend Yoshihiro Utsumi, is based in Kobe, Japan, dedicated to performing and promoting the music of Italian bassist Stefano Sciascia. Full of interesting information in English and Japanese


Mikico - A wonderful photographer, who took all the photos for this website.

Online Ear Trainer - a good and fun site for ear training.

Jazz links - Links to Japanese jazz clubs, musicians' sites, record companies and personal pages about jazz. In Japanese only.